Cristina Guerrero Fernández
Art Director + Set Designer

Cristina Guerrero Fernández is a Barcelona born art director and set designer whose practice hinges on sophisticated visual storytelling. With a background in fashion, design and contemporary art theory, Cristina’s research-led work—whether commercial, editorial or personal—relies on conceptual frameworks to produce visual outcomes steeped in meaningful narrative.

Cristina’s work is quietly powerful. Bold and intriguing. Perfectly sparse and mesmerising in composition, her practice examines the world from unique angles and offers a fresh new perspective for clients and collaborators.

Cristina has been commissioned to create work for esteemed clients and publications as varied as Adidas, ESSEN, Four Pillars, Gallery Funaki, JANE Magazine, Lee Matthews, MECCA, Mercedes-Benz, NON, Song for the Mute and Thankyou.