Forward Thinking

We have been thinking a lot about community and connectivity, in art and design.

Our experience, influence, impact.

Our contribution, responsibility.

How we feel—individually and collectively.

How we share.

How we work—with each other, without each other.

Importantly, how we celebrate one another.

The hurdles, setbacks and failures.

The chance encounters, leaps and bounds.

How we get there. Got there. Be here.

When we were (are) stuck.

The words that need (want) to be heard.

The stories that want (need) to be told.

Through conversation within the community, both intimate and overheard, we hear of comparison, disconnection, isolation.

We are told of a desire for relatability, honest expression, shared experience — to inspire, fuel endeavour and drive us forward, connected.

And so, we share with you, the inaugural issue of The ART—CLE, dedicated to celebrating and connecting, multidisciplinary creatives, globally.

A publication by the community, for the community.

Our mission is simple. We seek to create a space that facilitates connection among artists, fostering community and providing a platform, where creative minds can openly share their fears, triumphs and experiences, expressing themselves in ways that are meaningful to them, relate to and inspire others.

A place where our community connections build camaraderie.


Amy Henderson

Founder and Editor, The ART—CLE & Founder and Director, The ARTL—NE